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Talking about my shopping for rearview system
Category:Dynamics    2016-07-29 16:23
Shopping, for a woman, is very interesting thing and funny thing. My boyfriend said to me that you would buy if you have a bad mood; you would buy if you have a good mood and you would buy in anytime you see products you like. However, recently, I got one backup camera from rearview system supplier China for my car!
My boyfriend said to me when he saw the product that I finally purchased one thing he wants. There are some features about it. The cool feature is that there are 2 video inputs. One is dedicated to the rear camera and the other is an aux input. You can feed any other video source into the aux input and it will display all the time except when the vehicle is put into reverse. I love it when I get from wholesale car backup camera mirror. As soon as you take the vehicle out of reverse, the display automatically switches back to aux input. You have the flexibility of installing a second camera somewhere else on the vehicle to allow a view all the time except when in reverse.
My boyfriend told me that I’ve got high quality vehicle RV backup camera this time for his car.