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Beautiful backup camera in a car
Category:Dynamics    2016-08-04 14:13
Not so much information sent with the unit after I got this one from rearview system supplier China for my car. I just installed my camera/monitor yesterday and today on an F150 truck. I just want to say that you deserve one if you have a car and exactly you need one now.
There is a red wire on the video cable. I also attached that wire to the positive lead in the backup light. I then ran the video cable from the back of the truck to the engine compartment. I tied the video cable with cable ties along a wiring bundle on the side and upper part of a main beam running underneath the truck when I get them from wholesale car backup camera mirror. At first, I don’t like to use it very much as I’m not so well in using it. It took me a long time for learning the skills about it. Now I like it very much for I’ve got the skill for it. You would see that it is beautiful scenery in your car and my kids like it very much.
Safety is so important for us that we need to buy high quality vehicle RV backup camera to keep our safety.