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Questions and answers for backup camera
Category:Dynamics    2016-08-08 14:56
Questions would make us have progress and answers would solve our problems and troubles when we face it. As rearview system supplier China, today I would give you some questions and answers customer provided before and I hope this would help you when you need to get backup camera.
Question: Can this system accommodate two cameras? Since it has two input jacks? I'd like to use it as a truck back-up system and a boat trailer camera input.
Answer: According to the guy who installed my system, the answer is yes. It comes with a remote to switch between the two channel feeds. Each camera has to be installed to link into the power system and then it can transmit wirelessly to the monitor on the dash. My system works real well when I get them from wholesale car backup camera mirror.
Question: what is actual size of monitor?
Answer: Yes. Display is 7.5 inch by 5.5 inch and .5 inch deep.
Some of customers ask me about the quality and price for the product. I just want to say that high quality vehicle RV backup camera would have a competitive price relatively.