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Blind spots in parking sensor for rearview system
Category:Dynamics    2016-08-12 14:48
I saw a statement on the internet that is there are some blind spots in parking sensor as far as I’m concerned. Recently, many netizens have forwarded such message on microblog that there are blind spots in parking sensor. As rearview system supplier China, I want to share with you guys today.
As a conclusion of the video in my website, an object can’t be detected until its height is 43cm. As 43cm is equal to 17 inch, and when a kid kneels down his/her height will be equal to a third of his/her total height. Thus, we can see it from wholesale car backup camera mirror if you noticed that a kid can’t be detected by the parking sensor when he kneels down until he is 51 inch origin height which belongs to an 8 year old boy or girl (see the list below to see the average height of a child.
Car is connected with our safety and we should pay high attention to it when we buy it for our daily use. Of course, high quality vehicle RV backup camera is just one of them.