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Methods for adjusting car backup camera mirror
Category:Dynamics    2016-08-15 14:46
I don’t know how to drive a car nevertheless about the common sense of car backup camera mirror. One of my friends is rearview system supplier China and now he wants to teach some basic information about the methods for adjusting car backup camera mirror as one day I may use it.
First of all, we should know there are three mirrors in market: the left-side mirror and right exterior mirrors and central interior rearview mirror. Through these three mirrors, our vision can extend about 60 degrees, with the human eye's visual field of view of 200 degrees, the car driver's visual field of view of about 260 degrees. That is the reason we wholesale car backup camera mirror as it help us to see more places when we drive a car. The rest of the range of 100 degrees is referred to as the visual blind spot. The objects in the blind spot we can not visually perceived, unless we deliberately turned over to see. Not simply the right to adjust the mirror in order to reduce the visual blind spot, but to make our visual field of view is more conducive to our driving.
Never ignore the big role of high quality vehicle RV backup camera in our daily life. And I believe you would love it once you have a car.