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Which car backup camera mirror you choose?
Category:Dynamics    2016-09-01 09:14
For different purposes, the basic 120-degree angle is adequate. However, if you're in the habit of towing boats or trailers when you get one mirror from rearview system supplier China, you might want a backup camera with a wider view angle for easier backing into turns.
This question may relate with the different styles of the camera mirror. There are various options to look for include mounting location, infrared capability, night vision quality, wired or wireless installation, and weatherproofing and so on. All of these choices rely on your demands for the camera mirror. If you are installing it yourself, a wireless backup camera with good weatherproofing maybe probably better when you wholesale car backup camera mirror. If you're looking for a backup camera to add after-market value to a very nice-looking car, you'll probably be interested in subtle placement, like in a license plate frame. It's also a good idea to read the reviews others have written about backup cameras.
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