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My car backup camera from prevision-for-safety
Category:Dynamics    2016-10-09 14:29
I’m a girl and I know the danger for me when I drive a car without the car backup camera. She is my another eye when I use her and she would tell me which road I can choose when I get her from rearview system supplier China. Here I get it from prevision-for-safety and I love it so much.
The camera is water proof with a high resolution of 480x272 pixels and 420 TV lines. The video display is a 16.7 color monitor with a resolution of 480 x 272 pixels and two video inputs. The camera has a combination power  and video out cable. It also includes a 16 ft. Why finally I choose it from wholesale car backup camera mirror in prevision-for-safety. First of all, its video cable with RCA plugs is my favorite. I had to supply my own power cable (two wires) that I routed from the rear through the side molding, then under the driver’s seat to the center console, just behind the dashboard.
We all know that high quality vehicle RV backup camera would give us better guarantee when we driving our car. Of course, in order to make sure the safety, money is not a problem for car equipment.