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Hardware advantages for car backup camera screen
Category:Dynamics    2016-11-07 14:14
Yes! You are not wrong when you read the next sentence! We have more than ten years experience for producing car backup camera screen with our own factory! As rearview system supplier China, we can let you know the real hardware advantages for our car backup camera screen.
First of all, stock is our feature! We can guarantee the stocks for the car backup camera because we supply domestic bus factory with these products too. We still have the screen replenish stocks even Samsung has stop production activity in Korea this year. In addition, with the guarantee of stock supply, we still have the advantages of competitive price, for example, we only have 5% increase for the price as other suppliers adding more than 50 RMB. You would get more benefits if you wholesale car backup camera mirror from here.
What's more, own cable workshop is another highlight. Wire is the guarantee for factory deliver on time and the number of video input channels. The factories who do not have their own cable workshop have to rely on the cable producers and model if they don't have their own wire factory which may lead some delay for the urgent order. And above all, they can only do the 3CH inputs for non-split-monitor and 4CH inputs for quad split monitor while we can do not only 4CH inputs for non-split monitor, but also 5CH inputs for quad split monitor without any trouble! Of course, we will not be affected by the cable factory orders backlog for the delivery time.
Finally, we have our own R & D technicist which means we can make research on the board. And these board's characteristics are: non-split monitor auto switches power supply to the camera chosen by manual or triggered instead of constantly power supply to all input cameras, low power consumption, low heat, and extend the life of the circuit board. With these, we can make high quality vehicle RV backup camera for you!