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Highlights of 5-10 inch car backup camera screen brightness
Category:Dynamics    2016-11-08 14:42
We all know the importance for the screen brightness of a car backup camera if we are drivers. Of course, that is the reason why we choose high quality car backup camera from rearview system supplier China. Recently, I got one special company who manufacture the car backup camera.
We all know that comparison is the best reason to choose it from so many products. Today I would like to say some highlights of the Prevision-for-safety's screen brightness's advantages. Low-cost products from peer will use domestic screen and the brightness is generally only 200-300cd/m2 with 8 to 12 back lights. In particular, those screen products not marked brightness are generally applied this type of brightness. The short back is here: it is difficult to see the image displayed on the screen when sunshine is too strong for our naked eye. When you choose Prevision-for-safety car backup camera from wholesale car backup camera mirror, you will find the obvious difference. The product manufactured here uses 27 back lights panels which are customized screen according to the clients. Of course, you will find that we all use the original material coming from Taiwan's original screen, and most important, its brightness can reach 450cd/m2. In addition, with photosensitive resistance, our vehicle backup monitor can adjust the brightness according to the brightness of the environment which will adjust the screen brightness in order to achieve the effect of saving power consumption.
We just use data to show you the quality of various products and most of drivers would know how to choose high quality vehicle RV backup camera when they have experience for figuring out the difference of multifarious screen for the car backup camera.