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Strong power of Prevision-for-safety car backup camera screen
Category:Dynamics    2016-11-11 14:04
"OMG, my machine is short circuit due to the strong power!" Some drivers would complain about this when they drive. As rearview system supplier China from prevision-for-safety, today I would like to share with you some basic information about the car backup camera screen and hope this would help you when you choose one.
First of all, we need to figure out the screen camera input. Non-split monitor for four can reach 4CH inputs while the split monitor four can reach 5CH inputs with the remaining 1 not displayed in the four-split screen, and it will show  signal to the screen by the trigger. When we know this knowledge, we know how to choose the camera's screen from market of wholesale car backup camera mirror. Second one is screen power. When the power is 12V, the power would be about 5W while the peer's low-cost public board of the screen is about 7W-10W with the strong heat. More over, it will burn the inside components with less than 1 year which will damage the customer's reputation. Under this comparison, we know why so many customers would choose the prevision-for-safety car backup camera's screen.
Finally, the screen of the circuit protection from prevision-for-safety would be popular among customers once you try high quality vehicle RV backup camera for one time. Product in this factory has positive and negative reverse polarity protection while most of the public board screen without such protection in market, leading to the direct short-circuit burned when customers accidentally connected to the negative side of the screen.