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Great car backup camera for backing a car
Category:Dynamics    2016-11-25 10:12
One of my teacher is a fresher for driving. She said it would be terrible for backing a car as she needs half an hour every time. Since she bought the car backup camera from rearview system supplier China, now she says she has another eye during the whole process which is convenient for her.
A cool feature is that there are 2 video inputs in her car backup camera. One is dedicated to the rear camera and the other is an aux input. You can feed any other video source into the aux input and it will display all the time except when the vehicle is put into reverse. I think this is a selling point for customers who wholesale car backup camera mirror. You would image the happiness when you use this kind of car backup camera. As soon as you take the vehicle out of reverse, the display automatically switches back to aux input. You have the flexibility of installing a second camera somewhere else on the vehicle to allow a view all the time except when in reverse.
I love this car backup camera. I would like to buy one similar with my teachers. Of course, high quality vehicle RV backup camera is the first step.