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Know importance of car backup camera after accident
Category:Dynamics    2017-03-10 14:45
We would make some reflection after we suffer pain which seems like human nature. Recently, one news give me some feeling. As rearview system supplier China, we would like to say that safety would be the first step and the most important thing for all drivers and all equipments should be prepared well for every time’s driving.
The title of the news is I figure out the importance of car backup camera after the accident. I think twice why we have to get some methods after suffer pain? Why cannot choose the best way for protecting us from being get injured before the accident? It was occurred at evening on March 11,2016. We can see through the accident picture that the car hit the pedestrian position with car point scars no scratches, no pedestrian. However, the 52 years old had 9 ribs broken with 18w compensation. Without the car backup camera from wholesale car backup camera mirror, we would ruin our life once we have relative accident. One of my friends told me after he read this news: I tried to buy some high quality car backup camera for my car and to make sure the safety of my family as well as strangers walking in the road.
Safety, happiness, health would consist of our big family. How could we forget the high quality vehicle RV backup camera after we get the car for the family?