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Sharing my favorite car backup camera for you
Category:Dynamics    2017-05-10 14:10
Work is bad for me recently and travel would make me have some fun. Wow! I got a new car backup camera from rearview system supplier China and I would like to share this happy news for you guys as you would find it helpful for you when you need such one.
After removing the taillight and running the car, it was easy to identify with a voltmeter which wire was ground and which powered the reverse light. I spliced into those and soldered. The long RCA cable has a small wire on each end. This wire of wholesale car backup camera mirror connects to the reverse light 12V+ as well. It is a 'wake up' line that signals the monitor to power on. The monitor itself draws power from another source at the front of the car (ignition, or the included 12V jack). For the price, I think this is a pretty good product. I just installed this on my cars. It wasn't that hard to install (took about 2 hours). It requires some minimal technical understanding.
Anyone that is familiar with wrenching on cars and can splice wires together should be able to handle this high quality vehicle RV backup camera