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Save happy hour by car backup camera
Category:Dynamics    2017-06-12 16:11
Our relationship to alcohol is ever changing, we drink once we want and this is how we want to drink now — relaxing in the sun together, not slumped in some sad, seedy bar by ourselves. However, how can we drive the car after the drinking? As rearview system supplier China said, no driving or no drinking, your choice!
There are various cops who will test us by the road when we drive by. We can see that monitor convicted drunk drivers and prevent their cars from starting if the driver fails a dashboard breathalyzer test. We know this is for our goods as drunk driving would bring more accidents even you have the wholesale car backup camera mirror or your husband or wife in the co-pilot for guidance. We want happy time by drinking, so does for the driving. We should take responsibility for ourselves, our family, our friends as well as others who are driving on the road right now.
Whether you have high quality vehicle RV backup camera or not, please remember that happy time is for drinking or driving and you have to choose one!