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Why you choose car backup camera
Category:Dynamics    2017-06-26 15:29
Most women would afraid of driving even they got their driving license for a long time. Some of my friends would say that they are worry about the parking job. Now we can ask help from car backup camera from rearview system supplier China. So do you know why you need to choose car backup camera?
Car backup camera comes with a magnetic air-vent phone dock. We would like to place an Android phone or apple here. And finally there will launch the relative app automatically, while iPhone users will get another notification. When the app opens, the phone connects with car backup camera, a little computer that serves as the brain of the system and connects to your car's diagnostics through the wholesale car backup camera mirror. The dongle packs an eight-core processor that performs tasks like measuring the distance between your car and an object, calculating your vehicle's speed, and detecting obstacles. This data is seamlessly slung back and forth between the frame, dongle, and your phone via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, letting you use the video feed when parking, but not driving.
With this kind of high quality vehicle RV backup camera, it would reduce lots of trouble especially for women drivers. 

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