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Anti-Glare Function of Vehicle Backup Camera
Category:Industry news    2019-02-01 18:15
Q:What is anti-glare function of a infrared light ( IR ) vehicle backup camera?

A: The car's infrared reversing camera will have a dazzling problem when the external light is shining brightly. It is reflected in the image that the facula will appear in the place where the external light is concentrated. The spot covered by the facula is not visible.
This case is similar to the visual effect by the front car driver gets by observing the side rearview mirror when the rear car turns on the Xenon high beam on the dark road, which is not conducive to the driver to observe the real road conditions.
The image of the infrared camera is radiated by infrared light to the CCD chip. If the intensity of the external light exceeds the infrared light, it will affect the generation of the infrared image, so that the light wave generated by the radiation will be uneven, results in an abnormal image with facula at that spot.
Therefore, we have made an innovative improvement to the infrared reversing camera, which is to add a green anti-glare coating to the photoresistor, which can filter all external lights except the infrared light emitted by the 850NM infrared light tube. With this coating added, in the place where there is external light at night or in the dark, the opening of the infrared light will not be affected, and the sensitivity of the photoresistor to the infrared light will not be blocked, so the image of the infrared radiation received by the received radiation will not appear to be bounced, the facula will not be produced, and the driver's clear vision can be guaranteed to the utmost extent.

As below please check the comparison picture between an vehicle IR camera with a red photoresistor coating and the green one: