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Heavy Duty Vehicle Digital Video Recorder PVHD-01
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Heavy Duty Vehicle Digital Video Recorder PVHD-01

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Industrial-grade chip design, low power consumption, high and low temperature resistance, good stability
Support 4CH audio input, 4CH real-time video input recording
Support 1CH audio output, 1CH video output
H.264 video compression algorithm, the system has three kinds of image quality options (CIF, HD1, D1)
Video real-time superimposed with date and time, vehicle number, speed, brake, alarm signal
8G anti-vibration, anti-damage, IP66 waterproof, dust-proof function
Private-designed car broadband power supply, can stably work under DC8V-36V voltage input
Users can set the video delay time, delay time range from 1 minute to 244 minutes
Automatic reset, so that the machine will never crash, after power on the system can quickly recover the recording state, instant power off does not affect the recorded video clips
Recording delay after shutdown, to ensure the preservation of important fragments
Fully enclosed with lock design, effectively prevent the vandalism
Supports the largest 2.5-inch 1000GB HDD in the market so far(supports 208 days/7 months if record for 8hrs per day - 0.6G/hr for 4CH recording)
Support 3G 4G GPS telecommunications or Unicom (WCDMA / EVDO)
Operation system interface: Linux
Free 4G platform for real-time video upload, no extra server software needed
Wifi function for option(based on extra cost added)
Unique anti-vibration structure
Professional treatment on power pin of video output cable to monitor, avoid monitor from burning off by dual power supply(both vehicle and DVR)
Dimension: 16(W)*19(D)*6(H)cm
Working temperature: -15℃~+55℃
3 year warranty


Port: Guangzhou

Product Number: PVHD-01


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